Satisfyer Pro Penguin

This was my first experience with an air pulse toy and I have to admit that I really enjoyed myself. I am extremely excited to try more! I originally bought this cutie because, well, look at it! It’s fucking adorable. It has a goddamn bow tie, how could I not buy it?! I was a little hesitant because of the size. When I played with the demo in the store I was worried that the vacuum tunnel that goes on my clit would be too small, or maybe the pulses would be too much. None of that turned out to be the case.

The Satisfyer Penguin Pro is made of body safe ABS plastic, and the tube that goes on the clitoris is made of silicone. The whole toy is only 4.3 inches, so it’s a small baby. It has a magnetic charger that attaches to the bottom and it stays on really well. The tummy is where you’ll find the on/off buttons. It’s a little backwards because you have to press the bottom of the button to turn it up, which is usually the opposite. You’ll get used to that really quick though. Since purchasing this toy, I’ve had the opportunity to try a lot of other air pulse products and I’ve noticed that some are very loud. This one doesn’t really have that problem…until it gets wet. Then it’s like a fucking EDM club on your clit. So many ‘wub wubs’.

It felt so good…too good. It was my mission with this toy to actually have an orgasm, no matter how long it took. Every time I got close and my clit would swell, suddenly it became too much, almost every time. Everything down there became super ticklish and I literally started giggling every time. It wasn’t a bad ticklish though. I was having a lot of fun and I was easily able to get back into it.

When I finally came…HOLY SHIT it was powerful. Even so, this orgasm was much different than usual. Whenever I’m using a toy and I cum, I immediately need to chuck whatever toy I’m using across the room because I get SO sensitive. Not this time. I was able to ride it out. I was amazed at the feeling. When I was done and cleaning myself up, I noticed that because it’s an air pulse, my fluids/lube was all bubbly. This whole experience with this toy was SO MUCH FUN.

Something I learned after a little while of owning this was what the air pulse actually does to the body. Sometimes, someone who has a clit will get less sensitive due to things like chemo and child birth. Using an air pulse toy can possibly reverse that! The pulses bring all the blood and nerves to the end of the clit and actually restimulate them. Now, everyone is different, but I thought that was super incredible to learn!

I definitely recommend this little cutie for anyone who is new to toys. This product isn’t intimidating at all and it’s very simple to use. Plus, the orgasms you’ll get are TOTALLY worth it!

You can get this ADORABLE little toy right HERE

I purchased this product with my own funds. If you wish to help me purchase more products to review head to my ‘Affiliates‘ page or use the link above to purchase this product. If you wish for me to review one or more of your products, contact me! I would love to hear from you!

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