Play Mate After Care Towel by Anna Rae

This is probably the best product I have ever received. It’s so soft and plushy, and the speed at which is absorbs liquid is insane! I no longer have to worry about my squirting ‘issues’ thanks to this thing. The Play Mate is the smallest of the products from Anna Rae and you can bet your ass I will be buying the entire collection!

The Play Mate Aftercare Towel (and the rest of the products from Anna Rae) is made out of a super soft microfiber material and lined with a luxurious satin. To clean the towel, all you need to do is wash it in some warm water with gentle detergent. I experimented with different methods of cleaning mine. The first time I washed it in the sink and let it air dry. The second time I washed it in the washer and dried it separately in the dryer. The third time, I washed it in the washer then let it air dry. The last one is my personal favorite method.

Cleaning up squirt spots is a magical experience. Before, after I would take all the sheet off the bed to be washed, I would have to put multiple towels and usually a fan pointed at the spot to attempt to get it dry. Not anymore! After removing the sheets, all I have to do is press the towel into the mattress a few times and it is 100% dry. I was so surprised.

Cleaning up after sex has been forever changed. You ever see Parks and Rec when Andy is talking about the ‘marker’ situation? Yeah, that’s how I felt using a regular hand towel to wipe up. I would wipe and wipe, and I’d usually end up using multiple towels. With the Play Mate, not only is it PHENOMENALLY soft and gentle on my bits, but it only takes a couple of wipes to get fully cleaned up, at least enough to safely waddle to the bathroom without leaving a trail on cum on the floor. If that hasn’t happened to you, you’re lying.

Something that I really love this towel for is literal ‘after care’. If you take part in any type of rough kink/fetish play, this towel will make an amazing addition to your life. It’s gentle enough that you can clean the skin without it feeling like it’s on fire. This is especially important if your play breaks the skin.

I cannot praise the Play Mate enough. I use this one almost every day, so I’m definitely going to have to invest in more. While there are larger towels available, this one is perfect for packing away (and being discrete, should you need that). Using the Anna Rae towels, you can rest easy (or play hard) knowing that your bed will stay dry and your most sensitive skin will stay happy.

Check out the Anna Rae shop HERE

I was sent the Play Mate After Care Towel for free in exchange for my honest review. If you wish for me to review one or more of your products, contact me! I would love to hear from you!

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