Rock Candy Toys – Sugar Daddy 5.5 & Sugar Stick

The Rock Candy Toys Suga’ Daddy and Suga’ Stick are, unfortunately, nothing to write home about. These are decent toys for newbies to the sex toy world or if you’re looking for super cheap options for dildos and vibrators. I was really not impressed, save for a few small details.

The Suga’ Daddy 5.5 inch, is a fairly basic, silicone dildo. I was actually quite surprised by this one. The silicone is super silky and smooth as well as really soft and flexible. I have never had a super flexible dildo, before so I was eager to try this. The bubbly ridges feel very nice moving in and out of the vagina and the suction cup back was surprisingly strong. I don’t have much experience with nicer, harness compatible dildos, but this is definitely one I would suggest if you’re new to using them.

The Suga’ Stick was the most unfortunate of the two toys. At the time I used this toy I had gone almost 2 weeks without an orgasm, and yes, while this toy gave me one, I was really upset that I gave it to this, of all toys. The vibrations that this toy gave off were extremely buzzy and the harder I pressed, the less I could feel it. I understand that they were going for the ‘pinpoint’ vibe, vibe, but it just fell flat. The stimulator ball at the end was far too big so the vibrations had a hard time moving through it.

They also sent me the Rock Candy Gummy Ball, but I do not put any jelly products near my vagina, so I elected to not review this product. Unfortunately, that seems to be a theme for this company. They market themselves as being really affordable, which is true, but I am always of the opinion that you don’t need to use jelly to make that possible.

Over all, I was not super impressed with these products. While everything is super cute and easily marketable, they didn’t really put a lot of energy in making effective sexual wellness products. However, if you’re in the market for a new, cheap, dildo, I would highly suggest the Suga’ Daddy. They have 2 different size options and since it’s made of silicone, you know it’ll be safe to put into your body.

I was sent the Rock Candy Toys Suga’ Daddy and Suga’ Stick for free in exchange for my honest review. If you wish for me to review one or more of your products, contact me! I would love to hear from you!

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